Our Industry Leading 3 YEAR GUARANTEE

All Blinds are covered by our great 3 Year Back to Base Guarantee

If you have a blind that has developed a fault within the 3 year Guarantee Period, please read this carefully to proceed with your guarantee claim.


All blinds have a minimum 3 year guarantee, if a blind has developed a fault, please bring it back to the factory, if we can't repair the blind that day, we will give you a time that we will call back to your home with a replacement or repaired blind (as per our terms and conditions, on your contract) We will re-install the blind without charge.


If we have availability we can get one of our installers / service engineers to call in if they are in your area to help with the removal of the blind, or attempt a simple repair, even though this is not a part of the guarantee, we appriciate that some people may struggle to remove a blind, so we're here to help.


If you think you need someone to call and remove a blind for you, or try to repair the blind on-site, please complete the form to the right and we will contact you to discuss the repair or visit, this is a free service based on our availability.


Please note: Safety Devices, Breakaway Safety Devices and Safety Cords which are a legal requirement and are designed to "break apart under strain" are covered in the same "Return To Base" manner, we do however, reserve the right to charge for home visits where the safety device has been activated and needs reset.


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Why do I need to give you all these details?

Answer: With all of these details we will know what type and make of blinds we'll be dealing with, so it should speed up the process for you and us.

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